Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Garlic Bread topped with Vegetables

I shall not take credit for this recipe. Like the Chili Cheese Toast, this project was solely handled by my husband and is a part of the same recipe family. The ingredients are similar, and so are the calories!
That said, it tasted amazing, and I was reminded of the garlic bread served at the pizza joints. He had made it as an accompaniment to Mix Veg Pasta (maybe a post on it later) which I was preparing as a quick option for dinner.

Garlic Bread Loaf
Salted Butter
Grated Cheese (We use
Amul Cheese. You can use the equivalent substitute available in your city)

Capsicum, Tomatoes, Onion (chopped)
Baby Corn (sliced)
Mushroom (Cut into thin slices)
Green Chili (Chopped)
Salt / Pepper


- Take equal quantities of butter and grated cheese. Add salt (if required) and pepper as per taste. Mix it well and keep aside
- Cut the loaf into thick diagonal slices. Arrange them on a tray / rack and grill them in the microwave / oven for 3 – 5 minutes till the slices are crisp and brown at the top
- Take out the slices and allow them to cool slightly. Turn them over and apply the cheese butter mix on the side which is not yet grilled
- Top it with pieces of chopped vegetables
- Grill it in the microwave / oven for around 3 - 5 minutes. Microwave it on high for another 30 sec so that the vegetables are softened
- Serve hot

Why I recommend it?
Like the Chili Cheese Toast, it goes well as an accompaniment to the main dish, or can be had on its own


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