Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Lauki Ka Halwa (Dessert made from Bottle-gourd)

July – August is usually the time in the time of the year when my husband and I visit our hometown. Both his parents as well as mine reside in the same city, and hence one visit suffices the purpose. This year, the visit was more special since I met my grandmother (paternal) after a gap of 1 ½ years. Usually she stays with my Uncle in a different city, and her health does not permit her to travel very often.
Post marriage, my interest in cooking has increased and whenever I meet my Mom, I always request her to prepare some of the recipes she specializes in, and which my brother and I loved as kids. Even now, when my brother and I get together, we reminisce those days when every Sunday was made special by my Mom’s culinary skills. And not just my Mom, my Dad as well. Yes, he is a great cook, and some of the recipes are still made usually by him – this halwa for instance.
Lauki (or Dudhi / Doodhi / Ghiya /Bottle gourd) halwa is popular in some parts of India. But I have met very few people who have heard of the same. The more popular use of Lauki is as a vegetable – whether in a curry or when added to dal / legumes.
At my parents’ place, the Lauki halwa is prepared usually in summers when the more popular Gajar ka Halwa cannot be prepared due to seasonal constraints – the red juicy carrots are available only in winters. And like I mentioned earlier, it is prepared by my Dad. I was reminded of it during this visit (he had saved some especially for me!), and I made it yesterday for post dinner dessert.

1 small Lauki / Bottle gourd, peeled and grated (will yield approx 4 cups)
Milk – ½ litre
Sugar – ¾ cups (can be increased / decreased as per taste)
Ghee (Clarified Butter) – approx 2 -3 tbsp (can be increased as per taste. But will result in more calories!)

- Add the milk and the grated lauki and heat it in a kadhai / heavy bottomed pan. Keep stirring in between to ensure that it doesnot stick to the bottom.
- Reduce the heat when the milk has dried up (this should take approx 20 minutes), and the mixture reduces to a lump.
- Add the ghee and the sugar. The mixture will become slightly fluid once the sugar melts
- Stir it till the mixture changes color, and all the moisture has dried
- Garnish with almonds, and serve hot.

This is my entry to the August's Family Recipes Event hosted by the Spiced Life.


  1. M!! You cant write about lauki ka halwa? OK u just did.
    Actually, I dont like LKH too much. Prefer moong daal or suji or gajar :) yum! But all the best for your entry!

  2. wow halwa made with bottlegourd? havent ehard of that before..interesting, I should try it out sometime.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. Dessert out of Bottel gourd... Very different and delicious!

  4. You can also use courgette (zucchini) to make this if you cannot find lauki. I make a very similar recipe, but I then freeze it to make halwa ice cream! It's really good, you can see pictures here, on my blog:

  5. Lovely post, the halwa looks very tempting ! First time here you have a cool space...

  6. What a great coincidence! I just finished making some carrot halwa, it's oh so good. Your flavorings look fantastic!

  7. What a fabulous submission! I am always making my mom cook with me (for me) when she is around as well. Thanks so much for participating.

  8. Yummy halwa.Love it .I make it almost the same way.Pls check

    Enjoy :)

  9. How to make Lauki Ka Halwa at home visit for Recipe - Click For more


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