Saturday, 27 February 2010

Favourite Menu for Guests

When there are guests over, and you do not have time to think (or do not want to spend time thinking) what to cook, what do you do? Do you order from outside, or is there a menu which you bank upon?

Guests for dinner. What is the menu?

For me, it is usually the latter. There is a menu which I have made at least once for each guest who has been invited over for a meal. In fact, its become a kind of family joke, esp with my Mom.

Mom: So, what's the plan for the weekend?
Me: We have invited a few friends over for dinner.
Mom: Great. What are you planning to cook? Or are you ordering food?
Me: Hmmm. We'll order the snacks. But I'll be making the main course. Not sure what to cook.
Mom: I know what you are going to cook. *Giggles*
Me: Hmph!

So, the menu turns out to be Matar Paneer, Gobhi Alu, Boondi ka Raita, Puri and Flavoured Rice. Yup, I find it the easiest to cook and does not require any advance preparation like lentils / beans to be soaked overnight.

No recipes today (maybe later), but just a glimpse of what I cooked when we had guests a few days back!

Table is all set...

Matar Paneer and Boondi ka Raita

Gobhi Alu

"Salad" - Tomato, Onion and Carrots

Hot Pooris

Flavored Rice

Dessert anyone? I rely on ice cream. 

What about you? Which is your favorite menu?

Note: This meal was prepared by two people - my dear hubby and me. Hubby prepared the raita, "salad", made the pooris (except frying) and set the table beautifully. 


  1. looks good, especially the puri! so what did you order from outside?

  2. This looks awesome.. I bet your guests had a feast! When am I invited? :p

  3. All the dishes Looks delicious and tasty!!

  4. First time here...

    Table is set wonderful with lovely dishes

    All the dishes are tempting


  5. 3 hungry tummies - I normally order kababs or such snacks from outside. On this occassion though, it was more of Indian dry snacks which can be served with "Iced tea"

    Sanjana - You are welcome anytime dear :)

    Jagruti - thanks!

    Aruna - thanks for visiting.

  6. I ahad almost exactly this same dinner at a friend's place last weekend. It was so very yumm.

    I often try my new things when I invite people instead of going with "tried & tested", many times they turn out not exactly the best, I am weird ;-)

  7. He he. Where is the Chole? or have you outgrown that? I can say I have tasted most of that stuff :D so you cant repeat it with me!
    PS - Who were the guests?
    PPS - finally managed to access the page!

    D (still cant post a comment)

  8. ur amazing..i always take the easy way out..order food from the nearest take away :) because i panic whn i have to make food for family and friends..

  9. Hey, everything on the table is very delicious..I loved your poori picture..nicely presented..your guest must had great time..


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