Sunday, 31 May 2009

Mango Shake - It's summers!

One of the few good things about Indian summers (at least for me) is the arrival of Mangoes - the king of fruits. There are several varieties which are grown in India, and the way it can be eaten are many. A simple google search will yield umpteen recipes. But I like to eat the fruit the way it is, and prefer not to use it as an ingredient for desserts, chutneys or any other delicacy.
But since the day we bought our first Alphonsoes this year, my husband has been after me to make "Mango Shake". I finally managed to save a couple of mangoes for this purpose. We had guests yesterday over for lunch and after the heavy meal in the afternoon, both of us didn’t feel like eating a complete meal again at night. So Mango Shake it was (after several other options were rejected). And I couldn’t stop myself from adding a dollop of Vanilla Ice cream to the glasses before pouring out the heavenly and thick shake :)

Ingredients (Makes 2 glasses):
Milk: 1 glass
Mango (Ripe): 1 (medium sized)
Sugar: 3 tsp (You can increase / decrease the quantity)
Lots of Ice cubes

- Peel and cut the mango. Blend the sugar and mango pieces in a blender / mixer till it is a smooth paste
- Add the milk and ice cubes. Blend till the milk and mango pulp are mixed well
- You can add a scoop of mango / vanilla ice cream before pouring the shake into glasses

Why I recommend it?
Actually, if I am given a choice, I would still go for the fruit and not use it in a shake! But I recommend it as a great breakfast option (minus the vanilla ice cream) or even as a dessert.

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  1. Ive never had Mango Milkshake with ice cream, feeling it will get a little too 'heavy', but I love it :D As I love Banana Milkshake. Anytime!
    When I got my Mixer/Grinder for the first time, the instant thought was - now I can make milkshakes at home!
    I usually add the mango, sugar and milk along with ice cubes together in the blender, leaving tiny chunks to mango to enjoy in the shake.
    Now im thirsty!


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