Sunday, 12 July 2009

Quick Breakfast – Microwave Eggs

I love to have eggs for breakfast, but most mornings (on weekdays), I am too pressed for time. How much time does it take, you may argue, to make a fried egg, if not an omelet or a boiled egg? Quite a few precious minutes, for someone like me. I completely agree with Garfield when he said that “Good Morning is an oxymoron”.

But now, I have a solution – yes! Something which can be cooked in less than a minute, 45 seconds to be precise.

This is what my Sunday morning breakfast looked like today. :)

The preparation is adapted from Sanjeev Kapoor’s recipe of “Steamed Egg Katori”.

Ingredients: (Serves 1)

Egg: 1

Capsicum, Onion (Finely chopped)

Salt, Pepper to taste


Grease a microwave proof bowl with a few drops of oil. Break an egg in the bowl, and season it with salt and pepper. You may add chili flakes / red chili powder or green chilies. Add a few pieces of finely chopped onion and capsicum. Microwave for 30 seconds if you like your eggs to be runny, and for 45 seconds if you like the yolk to be firm. Serve hot.

This is also my entry to Nttc July 2009 Egg Challenge hosted by Sneh Roy.


  1. simple and easy to cook... and tastes delicious too!

  2. Wow, looks great:)


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