Saturday, 16 January 2010

Quick and Healthy Breakfast: Egg in a Basket

Egg in a Basket, or Egg in a Nest is called by many other names. It refers to a breakfast dish, prepared by cutting a hole in the bread slice and cooking an egg in the "hole". It is pretty simple to prepare, and is a good way to make your breakfast interesting.

I love making them on weekends for an early breakfast. All you need is an egg, and a slice of bread. I used slices of multigrain bread to make my breakfast healthier.


- Take a bread slice and cut a hole in the middle using a cookie cutter / a small bowl / katori / lid of a small bottle
- Butter both the sides of the bread slice.
- Heat a pan, preferable a non stick one. Place the bread slice and lightly (or more) brown it from both the sides
- Lower the heat. Drop around 1/2 tsp of oil in the middle of the "hole", and crack an egg inside it - Let the egg cook for a minute or 2
- Flip the bread slice and cook the egg on the other side. You may cook for less time if you prefer the yolk to be runny
- Once done, season the slice with salt and pepper, and serve hot
- The cut portion of the bread can also be fried and served together with the egg

The front...

...and the back

For a step by step illustration, you can also refer Wikihow - How to make Eggs in a Basket


  1. My Maa often made this as afterschool snacks. we used to love it but as we grew up this dish was long forgotten. thanks for reminding. its a lovely snacks for kids.

  2. this looks perfect, simple and delicious!

  3. That looks simple and filling for breakfast. I would love it.

  4. boy, does this bring back memories ... me in the kitchen helping mom back when I was in grade school ... thanks for the post

  5. My sons both loved what they called egg in a nest. I also used cookie cutters to make heart and star shaped nests.

  6. Wow that's really delicious! Thank you very much for the post.


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